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Welcome to the portal for the Republic Misfits, a growing gaming community on the Mind Trick server. Please feel free to look around, post in our forums, and sign up today!

Member benefits include:

Access to the Guild Portal Forum
Access to Ventrillo voice server
Priority to recieve invite for raiding and pvp
Assistance from experienced MMO players
Guild News

8-Man Eternity Vault : Completed.

tommydudeman, Jan 23, 12 4:40 AM.
Our guild's first Operations run ended in success on January 23, 2012.  It was a great learning experience for everyone as we not only accomplished our set goal, but we managed to cooperate and strategically engage and defeat every last boss. 

The Succesful Ops run was completed by the following members:

Satesh - Healer
Drentex - Healer
Foodstamp - Tank
Tali - DPS
Shapeir - DPS
Judgepayne - DPS
Bojesus - DPS
Mf-Jones - Tank

A special thank you goes out to everyone for making this a simple and well organized run.  Everyone registered, everyone was on time, and most importantly, we all handled ourselves and cooperated as a team to complete the operation.  I hope our future runs together and with our prospect members are as efficient and as smooth as this one.

Everyone /hug tali when you see him, he was the only gentleman to not receive an item from the run.  Maybe even give him a /reacharound. :)


New Members Please Read!

tommydudeman, Jan 18, 12 4:22 AM.
Hello and thank you for your support of the Republic Misfits.  We hope for this to be a comfortable environment for casual and core players alike.  There are not many rules or regulations, we just hope for you to treat each other with respect and consideration, and also maintain your composure with players inside as well as outside of the guild.  

A couple of things to take note of when using the Website.

When registering your in-game character's please post only your main character (usually your highest level toon).  This helps us to keep our roster organized.

In order to sign-up for an operation please go to Raid calender, click on the event and sign up.  You will need to sign up in order to gain priority!

Please refrain from using profanity in the open forums.. member and officer forums are acceptable.

If you have any ideas or comments either post your thoughts in the forums or inform an officer in-game.

We are glad that you have chosen to be a part of our group, and hope that you will join us during our many events in the near future.

Thank you and may the force be with you,


First Guild Operation Signup Available!

tommydudeman, Jan 18, 12 4:07 AM.
Members please register under the Raid Calender.  Click the Event on the date they are located and Sign up if you are available and want to come.  This is our first Operations run within the guild so please be respectful of everyone and remember that this is going to be a learning experience. 

Thank you, and see you there.

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